At 4 kilometers in the south of Porto-Vecchio, famous resort in corsica.

You are at 1,5 km to the Santa-Giulia beach where you can do

 many nautical sports             

(renting at place), and sea stroll. Other beach                

accessible about ten minutes. Two supermarkets at six kms with rapid acces.

Also you can go at the river after woods hike below "pin laricciu"

(25 km - altitude 900 meters). at 25 km at the south you can visit

the port and the citadel of Bonifacio whence you can depart to dive in the reserv

of the Lavezzi island, or go to visit Bonifacio grotto by boat.

At last our family restaurant is open every day, begin to twelve

for non-stop service at five kilometers with sight on the sea.